Adoption Network Law Center's Adoption Testimonials

Our adoption wait was the one you hear about but think will never happen to you.

We were marketed by ANLC for approx 10 days when we received the phone call that a courageous Birth Mother had chosen us to be our son’s Mommy & Daddy. That’s right…10 days and we had accepted an adoption opportunity. The very next day we had our first phone call with our Birth Mother and got all the details of her pregnancy & ultrasound pictures. We were going to be PARENTS!!

Every step of the way ANLC guided us and was always upfront and honest with the journey to our son. ANLC worked well with the adoption agency in the state we were adopting from and worked efficiently to make our transition smooth. Adoption can be a very scary process with a lot of twists and turns, ANLC always made us feel like we were the only clients they had and they felt like they were right down the road from us instead of the 2,000 miles they actually were.

Thank you ANLC!! With your connections our Birth Mother was able to find us fast!

Amy, Brad & Spencer


Private Adoption with ANLC vs. Foster Care in LA County

Dear ANLC:
We recently finished one of the most excruciating adoption processes in history. 2 years ago, we decided to become certified foster parents. We knew that we wanted to open our doors to help a child in need and adoption was always a possibility. We took 2 courses, one with the county and one with a private foster family agency. The statistics from the county course made us run for the hills. We revisited the private foster family agency and received our certification through them. A couple of weeks later, we were called. There was a beautiful 17 month old who needed to be placed in a family. He had been taken from his birthparents home at 14 months and placed in foster care. The foster family could no longer keep him. We went to meet him and it was LOVE at first sight. Little did we know that we would spend the next 1.5 years fighting for this child’s life, his safety and well-being. We went through the court system, watched a very burned-out social services make grave mistakes that could have impacted his life in such a detrimental way, and cried and screamed our way to make sure that people were being held accountable for their work. Meanwhile, our foster son had to go to visitations while his birthparents were given every opportunity to get their lives in order. They did not. The court case is still being appealed and is coming slowly to an end. This was the hardest and most trying time of our lives. It affected our family, our work, and our health. The outcome is one of the most beautiful and well adjusted children the world has seen, who is living a great life with 2 parents who love him and a wonderful brother who we adopted just over 4 years ago through ANLC.

The reason we are writing this is because there were often times when we gave ourselves that V-8 slap and wondered why the heck we didn’t just go back to ANLC. Although being a martyr seems so important, we often questioned our chances and our connection with a child we might have had to hand back to a horrible situation.

Our process with ANLC for our first adoption was incredible. Our eldest son Daxx is also an amazing child with a zest for life and we feel blessed every day. 4 years later we are still in contact with his birthmom whose wedding we are attending in December in Hawaii. She has moved on so well with her life and we promised that we would always stay in touch. Daxx knows whose tummy he comes from and how lucky he is to have come from our hearts.  Having an open adoption is so important for us. Unfortunately, our second son will never know his birthparents.

So, which one would we recommend? ANLC. They are top of the line. They held our hands throughout the entire process. We needed that. This isn’t like buying a car! They answered every question like we were the first to ask. They stayed on top of the process and did so with incredible happiness and excitement, which always helped our nerves. There are other places and private attorneys who “find” babies for people. ANLC did everything and made a connection between 2 sets of people that couldn’t have been more mutually rewarding! Spend the money, the gift is priceless! We joke today that the hardest part was getting all those pictures done for the process. No comparison to fighting for the life of a child.

Today, we are the George Family– Grant (dad), Jessica (mom), Daxx (4) and Logan (3). We finally have the family we’ve always wanted. And we are present to every moment because we are truly blessed!