"We are so very happy. You have to feel pretty darn good about what you do for people. This match was perfect." - Tim & Marie

"This was one of the hardest and most unselfish decisions i ever had to make. But it was the best one." - Katherine


Adoption Network Reviews

Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC) is a professional California law corporation providing quality adoption services to Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents nationwide. ANLC's adoption services are nurturing and loving, and our entire staff is dedicated to helping guide everyone in the adoption triad through the adoption process with integrity and complete support. We pride ourselves in having one of the largest advertised adoption sites in the United States. If you are a typical internet user, you have undoubtedly been researching adoption professionals online and you have seen the many adoption entities promising to help you. You may be finding it difficult to decide on the one that best matches your personal needs.

ANLC is not an adoption agency. Our services may be similar to those of an adoption agency but we offer much more, including the protection and peace of mind of reputable legal services. Additionally, as a law center, ANLC is not constrained by stringent state-mandated budget restrictions as adoption agencies are, which means we can advertise and market you much more aggressively. It is our goal to find you the right Birth Mother as quickly as possible.

The Adoption Network Law Center strengths include: a large staff, 24/7 Birth Mother assistance, shorter-than-industry-standard time for presentation of an adoption opportunity, and the individual attention given to all Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents. ANLC is able to help pregnant women through crisis situations while assisting hopeful Adoptive Parents in attaining their ultimate goal to parent.

We offer the following services to Adoptive Parents:

  • Adoption Services to help you legally adopt a beautiful newborn baby.
  • Extensive Birth Mother Outreach to quickly present you with an adoption opportunity with the right Birth Mother.
  • Adoption Law Services for your complete protection and peace of mind.